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Containerized Solutions

Camel ContainerizedSolution, is your one more option of custom-made power requirements, including super silent, IP56, powerbox, twin-box, remote cooling etc, in applications sectors of data center, micro grid, rental and battery storage etc.

Started from 2010, safety-design & brand-new quality, requirement-orianted and further requirements to be discussed and tailor-made.

StandardBasic design
 - 20ft low 40ft low and 40ft high
 - ISO container CSC certified
 - safety designs from inside out
 - weather-proof metal plates instead of cold-rolled or hot-rolled
 - IP24 & 85dba at 7 meter as standard

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SuperSilent design
 - updated based on standard design
 - 72 - 78 dBA at 1 meter and 75% full load eg. 2mw 20V4000
 - two containers shipment and local assembling are needed

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RemoteCooling design
 - vertical and horizontal available
 - silencer is optional supply

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Safety | 828kWh Battery Storage
Super Silent | 75 dBA MTU 20V4000 Data Center