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20FT PowerBox

1MW 20FT PowerBox

Camel 20ft PowerBox, is your one more option of the most popular modular power, the 1MW 20FT PowerBox, powered by engine KTA50G3 works harder and longer in harsh environments up to 50ºC with minimal de-rating, housed in 20ft ISO container with greater mobility and lower transportation cost.

  • optimal cost-effective prime power and user-friendly maintenance.
  • ideal for long-term power applications, remote villages, industrial plants, refineries or mining.
  • easy to paralleled with the utility or isolated from the grid.
  • custom-made options available, like paralleling, duel frequency, remote monitoring, KTA38 1MVA in 20FT PowerBox.

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Remote Village | 3.3MW Cummins K50 Powerbox
Industrial Plant | 1MW Cummins K50 Powerbox